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Yanai currently teaches ukulele, keyboard, guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), singing, trumpet and drumkit.

5 or 6 is the average age when kids are ready, but there are exceptions. Some kids are focussed enough when they are 4, and some need to be 7 or 8 to have a positive learning experience. Remember it’s online learning, so they need to be able to focus, take in information and communicate with the teacher. 

  • Yes! We can teach anyone old enough to learn online, including adults.
  • In a Zoomkulele (group ukulele) class they will need to be OK with a range of music as most of our beginning students are primary kids
  • In a Quirky Kids class (1:1) the music is personalised according to age and stage of learning.

  • Yes. Learning to read written instructions is very helpful for playing music, just like learning to read a spoken language is helpful for communicating with words.
  • There are different types of music notation. Each is suited to different styles of playing, instruments, ages and skill levels. For example, standard notation is particularly helpful for piano because the instrument and the notation both work in a linear way. On the other hand, for young kids learning ukulele, chord notation and tablature are great simpler forms of notation that help kids ease into the world of reading and playing music.

Yes. Having an instrument for practice, play and exploration is essential – Contact us to find out more.

Kids need to be able to focus for 25 minutes.  If there are other children around it can be distracting.  Kids need a space:

  • with good light 
  • away from busy household spaces if possible and
  • close enough for parents to be in view of the computer screen, and within earshot.  See the child safe policy for more information

Tuned In Kids doesn’t hire out instruments at this time.  We can help with sourcing one though. Contact us to find out the cheapest/best options for your child and instrument. Some music shops do hire instruments.

Prices are for classes learned in a block eg a full term. 

  • Zoomkulele – group ukulele classes – $23 per class
  • Quirky Kids – 1:1 ukulele, keyboard, guitar, singing, trumpet, or drumkit – $58 per class

  • An invoice is issued upon receipt of the registration form, and a starting time arranged
  • Parents can select to pay for a term up front in full, or choose the payment plan option of 3 payments across a term.  The only additional expense for the payment plan is a one time $15 admin fee.
  • See Learn With Us for more info.

  • Basics are good internet and an internet capable device at least the size of a tablet – a phone is not big enough for the student to be able to see clearly. 
  • Contact us to get more specific info if you are not sure. We’re happy to help.

  • The only school we currently teach at is Chatham PS in Melbourne.
  • Depending on distance, we may be able to run a Tuned In Kids program at another school. Feel free to get in touch to talk to us about it. 
  • Our online program is available throughout Australia and internationally.  If unsure about online classes, you can book a complimentary Discovery Session to find out more.

It depends on the type of class your child is enrolled into.

  • Zoomkulele – we use our own book with songs we created with our teachers and students.  Highly contemporary, sophisticated yet child friendly, and fun. We also sometimes incorporate songs that the kids choose as long as it is child friendly and all the students in the group are into it.
  • Quirky Kids 1:1 program is customisable to the music the student loves, as long as it is child safe and able to be played at their level.

  • 25 minutes for primary aged students.  This is the average time a young learner can focus well.
  • Extra time is given to writing customised notes that students and parents can access after the lesson.
  • Older students may be able to arrange longer classes for a higher fee. 

Yes. Theory is taught in a relatable and sequential way as it applies to what students are learning to play.

Music is a combination of science, maths and art. It all needs to make sense for a student to really get it.

Applied theory really helps with that. It helps give a bigger picture context and meaning to what they are learning and doing.

  • Days – weekdays, during the school term (Victoria, Australia) terms as a general guide, however we will program around other state’s and country’s availability depending on demand.
  • Times – between 9am and 6pm (Australian Eastern Time) in general.  Various days will have differing time availability. 

Classes are usually booked in a block of a term at a time, or pro rata if a student begins during a term.

 A one off class may be available – contact us  to discuss

  • We do. We operate with strict Child Safe policy as well as Occupational Health and Safety policy.  
  • These are to protect kids and also ensure the safety of our team.
  • You can read our Child & Work Safe Policies here.

The Tuned In Kids approach nurtures the 5Cs in children, creating a strong foundation for building resilience in young kids. There are a lot of negative stresses and influences in children’s lives today. The TIK approach helps parents with that important job of building more resilience in young kids.

Through the process of learning ukulele with Yanai, my son Liam developed a deep capacity to connect with and name how he is feeling, and ask, “What might be useful for me to do right now?” This enables Liam to independently make a more healthy choice about what to do next.

This is a remarkable capacity to be building in young kids, and one that I certainly didn’t expect to come from learning to play the ukulele.

– Michael Hann, father of Liam who started with Uke4Kids, now TIK, as a preppie at 5. Liam is now 13, with his own uke teaching business. Yanai is still his mentor.
Michael is a Consultant Paediatric Dietitian, Paediatric Dietitian Clinic, and founder of Nature Smart Kids.

We believe… parenting and childhood is more challenging now than ever. It really does take a village.  It is our belief that through empowering this generation with curiosity, confidence and creativity, we equip children with the inner world required to build a life they love living.

It is truly our privilege to be part of nurturing your child’s creative future.

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