Our Purpose

We believe… parenting and childhood is more challenging now than ever. It really does take a village. We believe that through empowering this generation with the ability to be Curious, Calm, Confident, Connected and Creative – the 5 Cs – children are equipped with the inner world required to build a life they love living.

It is truly our privilege to be part of nurturing your child’s creative future.​

Our Story

Tuned In Kids is the next generation program for kids, developed by us, Yanai Morris and Dassana.  We are partners in life as well as business, currently living and working on Wurundjeri country in suburban outer eastern Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  We are parents, step-parents and grandparents.

We share a passion for music, and for personal development, a growth mindset approach to living and being part of the solution for the challenges facing our kids and families.

We both experienced challenges in our childhood and early adult life.  This led to us engaging in personal development and healthy living programs in search of a healthier approach to life. In fact, this is how we met.  

Continuing to explore and research how to be the best version of ourselves, and be part of what this world needs is important to us.  

Tuned In Kids is our expression of this lifelong growth journey.  We are here to make a real difference in the lives of children, and what they bring to the world which we all share.  We are also here to support parents in their hugely important role.

Tuned In Kids was created to be the kind of experience we both wish we’d had growing up. 

The Journey to Tuned In Kids

Our first ‘baby’ was Uke4Kids, unique in Australia in 2008, offering a fresh, new approach to teaching and learning music.  

Uke4Kids was all about introducing kids to playing instrumental music in a fun, accessible way.  It was taught at schools, and over the years many, many hundreds of kids began their music journey with us.  

In late 2016 we had become aware of a deep crisis in education, particularly in resilience, and mental health in general from kids to teachers to principals to parents.  

Our passion to be part of the solution was influenced by our personal experience of mental health issues in our own lives, and those of our family and friends. 

We developed a model for teaching instrumental music, wrapped around growth mindset principles and practices.  We shifted to an emphasis on process rather than outcome – without losing the best features of our original program.

In early 2017 the idea of Tuned In Kids was conceived, but like lots of big shifts there was work to do yet.

In March 2020 Covid-19 and lockdowns brought the imperative to shift our classes online.  Like many other businesses, this opened up a world of opportunities because of Zoom.  

Our capacity to reach many, many more kids and parents was now so much greater.  No longer constrained by distance, anyone with decent internet and a few resources could access all the benefits our classes offer. 

April 2022 and Tuned In Kids has arrived. It’s been a huge journey to get to this point – and the view is worth every step! We might write about it one day… 

We are so proud and grateful to offer Tuned In Kids to the world, ready to serve the kids and families who resonate with who we are, and what we do. 

See the OUR APPROACH page which details the TIK philosophy, learning framework and much more.

Yanai Morris - Chief Kid Coach

I am passionate about ensuring children have the best opportunity possible to learn and play music which is representative of them.  I love demystifying music with young learners.  And – I truly enjoy working with kids and their energy.  They are great. 

My role includes encouraging each child’s innate curiosity and nurturing their creativity.  Helping kids understand that it’s often more useful to risk making a mistake than trying to be perfect or ‘right’.  I create a circle of safety in which kids can have the courage to do this. 

Having fun and treading lightly is super important for children beginning their relationship with instrumental music.  Agility is critical, adapting classes to where our young learners are at in today’s class.  

I bring 25 years plus experience in teaching music from preschool to secondary, plus I am a highly experienced performing musician and singer/songwriter, with music on YouTube and all the main music streaming platforms.

I look forward to working with your child, and supporting them with their aspirations.

Dassana - Parent Happiness Person

My main joy in my role at TIK is supporting you to achieve your goals for your children. Finding solutions to problems, helping you work out if our program is the right one for you – I am here for you.

I offer parents a warm, understanding, empathic and knowledgeable place to land. Parents want to help their kids find their way through the challenges confronting them daily. My purpose is to help you do this.

Wholehearted living is how I approach life and ‘Growth’ is one of my core values. Real equality, climate, education, childhood and parenting – championing issues which matter to me is a big part of what I do.

My big family is spread widely across Australia, so lots of phone chats with my kids and grandkids ensures we stay connected – and I stay current with what matters to our young people and parents.

I love making up funny songs – it’s a bit of a thing in our house – growing veggies and flowers, making things and continually engaging in learning makes for a full life.

My background – I’ve decades of parenting and community experience, am a qualified counsellor and have had my own practice, and have taught adults through our Get Uked! program.

I love that I can bring this long and rich experience to my role in TIK. I look forward to supporting you and your family through your journey with us.

Ney – Admin Support and Queen of Spreadsheets

Ney supporting kids from an Aeta tribe.



It’s a joy to bring my big heart and fabulous financial skills to Tuned In Kids, and our families. 

Being part of the Tuned In Kids team & ethos supports me in my biggest job – being a mum to an 11 yo son.  As a mum I can relate to our parents and students, and understand issues from the parent point of view.

Volunteering with people less fortunate than myself, and spending meaningful time with my family in nature are vital parts of my life. Living in the Philippines offers me an insight into other cultures and ways of living.

I love the growth mindset culture and positive team relationship with Dassana and Yanai, and how working with Tuned In Kids enables me to support parents in their kids’ journey to a unique, fun-filled and higher level of learning experience. 

I am Ney, your friendly and dedicated admin support… signing on.

We all look forward to meeting you and helping you realise your goals, and those of your child.

TIK is an HEA partner

The Home Education Association promotes and supports the practice of home education across Australia and advances educational equity for its members.

TIK also believes in supporting home education. We are proud to be an HEA Valued Partner, and offer discounted rates to HEA members.

We believe… parenting and childhood is more challenging now than ever. It really does take a village. It is our belief that through empowering this generation with curiosity, confidence and creativity, we equip children with the inner world required to build a life they love living.

It is truly our privilege to be part of nurturing your child’s creative future.

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