Child & Work Safe Policies

We aspire to best practice in ensuring all our people can enjoy a safe, nurturing space in which to work and learn.

We understand our families are diverse in views of the world, faith, culture, gender and family norms. To support this wonderful difference we’ve created guidelines which respect individual difference, while still allowing a hugely diverse curriculum with plenty of fun, interesting and enjoyable music to play and learn. Parents need to feel confident that their children are in safe hands, particularly in the online environment. Our team needs to be confident that our families are supportive of our expectations around parental support, and supervision of classes. 

Our commitment to our parents/carers and our students:

  • Anyone in direct contact with kids holds a current WWCC
  • Child Safe guidelines are followed
  • Our Team will show up with a positive mindset, energised and ready to support our students and parents as needed
  • Being patient, empathic, reassuring, honest and kind are intrinsic to all that we do
  • We will help kids & parents with tech issues from our end where possible 
  • We will maintain a safe and effective learning environment
  • Content (songs, videos) used is highly child friendly and age appropriate
  • Kid’s song choices – kids can be really into music or artists which may not comply with our age appropriate content guidelines. We ALWAYS vet a song for appropriateness, before sharing it with our students.
    • If a child requests the teacher to look at a particular video or listen to a song, regardless of the content, the teacher takes note and follows up away from the class.  The teacher will get back to the child and parent about the song, and if it can be used in the classroom.
    • If a child suddenly starts sharing a video or song during a class without permission, the teacher stops the video and sound for that child, requests that they stop sharing, asks for the details of the video or song, and lets the child know he will follow up after class
  • We will contact the enrolling parent after a class if the teacher notices an issue they are concerned about eg behaviour, observed upset, struggling to learn, disengagement etc.
  • We will contact the enrolling parent directly if a child raises any matters in class that we’ve not heard about already.


What we need our parents & guardians to do:

  • Help their child to ‘Get Ready to Learn’ by ensuring they’ve had a drink and a snack, has that the internet is working and they have the zoom link at hand, and that the instrument is tuned up. 
  • Supervision – Children must have a parent or guardian/carer within ear shot, if not in the room, at all times during a lesson.
  • Keep the door open if the child is in another room.
  • Provide a relatively quiet learning space, preferably with no other kids around, or supervise other children so they do not interrupt the lesson.
  • Parents need to easily be able to see the screen from behind their child, and hear the teacher.  This is to:
    • Protect kids and our teachers.
    • Ensure kids have hands-on assistance available should it be needed.  Sometimes a child needs help with controls, learning or internet issues.
  • Contact us as soon as possible if they become aware of an issue in relation to the content of the class e.g. a child didn’t understand something but did not tell the teacher.  This way we can follow up and help the kids understand what was being taught.
  • Contact us as soon as possible if the parent notices an emotional or social issue which was affecting their child which the teacher did not pick up.
  • Contact us as soon as possible if the enrolling parent has any questions or concerns about how a class went or an incident in the class. This could be about either another class participant, how an issue was managed, or any other concerns.


We welcome suggestions from our parents about ways to enhance our child safe policy.  Please feel welcome to get in touch.