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Building emotional intelligence through music

Why traditional music lessons don't work for many kids:

What Tuned In Kids does differently:

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Tuned In Kids...

Tunes into your child to discover what lights them up

Provides a range of Zoom-based and in person programs

Supports your child to flourish through creative freedom

Has worked with over 3500 kids and their families since 2002

Provides a relaxed, fun and mindful approach to learning

Nurtures vital skills needed to succeed at Life

Quirky Kids

Online, live
1:1 classes

Highly personalised to your child’s personality, music preferences, learning style and more….

Instruments available are Ukulele, Drums, Keyboard and Guitar


Online, live,
small group classes

Ukulele group classes personalised to each student.

Appropriate to your child’s skill level and learning style. Kids learn with and from each other.

Ukulele Workshops

In person (not online)

Interactive & fun ukulele workshops for kids and grown ups!

School Holiday events held in partnership with local Councils

Fun Workshops for Everyone. The possibilities are endless!

We provide the ukuleles!

Tuned In Kids has been the best decision I’ve ever made regarding activities for my daughter.
Yanai’s approach has helped her express how she is feeling in a safe way.
Communication from Dassana has been second to none.

Ari, dad of Aelwyn, 7

Lessons are tailored to her individual needs and full of creativity.
Yanai is great at communicating with kids and he is very encouraging and caring. Olivia loves having fun learning with TIK.  Highly recommended!!

Connie, mum of Olivia now 6, who began when just 4

Thank you for the wonderful experiences you have given our 3 children since 2012. They love learning the uke.

The way Yanai has encouraged our boys to overcome their nerves, and create and perform their own songs – truly exceptional.

Becky, Mum of Tom 13, Daniel 10 

and John 7

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Who We Are

We are Yanai and Dassana, Founders of Tuned In Kids. We are partners in life as well as in business. 

Tuned In Kids was created to be the kind of music education experience we both wish we’d experienced growing up.

We are passionate about nurturing the creative life of our students, and supporting you in your hopes for your child.

We understand the challenges facing schools and parents regarding wellbeing, and what may lie ahead for our young learners.

We are SO excited to be part of the solution through creating an instrumental music program which truly heroes the nurturing of resilience and creativity. One which empowers kids with the resources they need to thrive, in this ever more complex world.

We Value...






The 5 Cs

These key qualities work together to foster a deep resilience in children. Which comes first? It’s different for each child…

These key qualities work together to foster a deep resilience in children. Which comes first? It’s different for each child…

The Tuned In Kids approach nurtures the 5Cs in children, creating a strong foundation for nurturing resilience in young kids. There are a lot of negative stresses and influences in children’s lives today. The TIK approach helps parents with their important job of building more resilience in their children.

Through the process of learning ukulele with Yanai, my son Liam developed a deep capacity to connect with and name how he is feeling, and ask, “What might be useful for me to do right now?” This enables Liam to independently make a more healthy choice about what to do next.

This is a remarkable capacity to be building in young kids, and one that I certainly didn’t expect to come from learning to play the ukulele.

– Michael Hann, father of Liam who started with Uke4Kids, now TIK, as a preppie at 5. Liam is now 13, with his own uke teaching business. Yanai is still his mentor.
Michael is a Consultant Paediatric Dietitian, Paediatric Dietitian Clinic, and founder of Nature Smart Kids.

We believe… parenting and childhood is more challenging now than ever. It really does take a village.  It is our belief that through empowering this generation with curiosity, confidence and creativity, we equip children with the inner world required to build a life they love living.

It is truly our privilege to be part of nurturing your child’s creative future.

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